Stress – It’s all in the mind!

Do you consider yourself stressed?

We all go through difficult periods in our lives from time to time and we all experience stress in some form or other.

Stress is not necessarily a bad thing. It can often help us get through a tough time by spurring us on to take action. It can help us meet deadlines and some people even thrive on it. Those who thrive on it simply know how to manage it well so that it doesn’t become an issue for them.

Stress becomes a problem when it takes over your life. When you feel like you are drowning in tension, anxiety and fearfulness. When you feel like you have just too much on your plate. When your body starts to break down under the strain and you find yourself experiencing physical symptoms like headaches, neck and shoulder pain, breathlessness, insomnia, excessive sweating or loss of libido, to name but a few!

What if I told you that it is not the events in life that stress us, but the way we perceive them?

When our bodies go into the stress response, our system is flooded with stress hormones and adrenalin. Our blood is diverted away from our brains and into our muscles preparing us to fight or take flight. We actually lose the power of rational thought as our primitive brain takes over to keep the body functioning in the time of danger. This is great if you are in real life or death danger and need to run fast to escape or fight your way out of it; however in today’s world, most of the time, our stress is brought on by less dangerous issues.

We get stressed at work, in the home, at the shops or even when alone because we feel overwhelmed by whatever the situation is that has sparked this stress response. It is not great therefore to be in this state of stress response for we cannot think clearly.  We need to be able to think rationally in order to navigate our way out of the stressful situation or learn to deal with it better.

This is where my earlier statement comes in. It is how we perceive the events in life that either stresses or relaxes us. You can always see things in different ways – just think about the last time you had a discussion with someone about a particular issue. Did you both have the same point of view? Did the other person see things a little differently than you?

We hold the power within ourselves to make choices, to perceive things in different ways and therefore we have the power to manage our stress and lead calmer and more relaxed lives.

Would you like to learn how to do this? I am now running a new stress management programme based on mindful meditation, Reiki and coaching which will help you take back the power and reduce or manage your stress more effectively. This is a highly personalised programme and sessions are on a one to one basis.

The programme consists of 6 one hour sessions, one per week. During the sessions we will work together to identify the cause of your stress and to set manageable goals for you to work towards in order to reduce it, where possible. I will also teach you about mindfulness and meditation to help you take back control and I will show you various techniques to help you day to day with managing your stress. I will also use Reiki with you to help you relax and re-charge your batteries. Together we will make a difference.

The programme costs just £99 in total. For more details please visit the website or contact me by email ( to book your 6 appointments now.

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