Sound Healing Retreat – What an Experience!

I spent the weekend in Tir Na Moe, County Donegal on a retreat. I have to say it was one of the most relaxing and inspiring weekends that I have experienced.

I was helping out with the retreat which was facilitated by the lovely Tessa Greer of the Sound Healing Spa. Tessa had organised the weekend to allow people to experience the healing power of sound and vibrational healing. She had chosen the weekend of 20-22 March because of the triple energies of the Super New Moon, Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox.

We arrived around tea time on the Friday and the location was just beautiful. Tir Na Moe is just across the border in the Republic of Ireland, just outside the village of Muff. The house itself is set in beautiful countryside with orchards and fields all around it. There is a beautiful stream nearby and the setting is just so peaceful and idyllic.

The healing room in the house has amazing energy. There is a massive block of selenite crystal sitting on a piece of slate in the room. There are native American icons and drums all around and representations of all faiths in the room as well. I set up a circle in the room to harness the energy of the Equinox and we spent the Friday evening meditating and then we performed a little seed magic!

We placed all our negativity and things we no longer wanted in our lives into some pomegranate seeds and then we burned them, before burying the ashes outside to allow the negativity to be transmuted into positive energy. We also then took 3 sunflower seeds each and placed all our hopes and dreams for the coming months into them. We planted them with loving intention for new beginnings. It was a beautiful circle and the energy was amazing.

Afterwards Tessa led a wonderfully relaxing sound bath. We all made ourselves comfortable on mats, beanbags and sofas and then Tessa began to play the various array of instruments she had brought. The crystal singing bowls, gongs and drums were my favourite – I love the energy they give off.

We all went to bed feeling super chilled out and ready for the weekend ahead.

On Saturday morning Tessa led us through using our voice and showed us some EFT techniques. We were all a little nervous about using our voice initially but any fear was soon replaced with laughter and confidence!

After a lovely healthy lunch provided by Catherine McKenna we then went into the second session of the day. Caroline Boyle, one of the other facilitators on the retreat gave a talk about mindfulness. She took us through a couple of exercises – mindfully eating the dried apricot was not my favourite thing given that I don’t really like them but I have to say the exercises were great and really demonstrated the power of mindfulness.

We went outside then and enjoyed a mindful walk in nature, listening to the sounds and just enjoying the sensations and feelings that arose. It was beautiful.

The next few hours were spent giving individual treatments – reflexology, massage, sound therapy and Reiki to name but a few! We then enjoyed a fabulous dinner – Catherine is such an amazing cook. High vibrational and nutritious food really does taste so good.

The day ended with a late night healing session and we gave treatments in the healing room. Tessa gave me the most lovely hand massage while healing sounds were played. It was lovely to share energy together and to give and receive treatments.

Sunday came all too soon and we had a chat together about the things we had learned on the weekend.  I talked about stress management using mindfulness with the help of Caroline and everyone was able to share their experience of the weekend.

After lunch we went up for one last sound bath with Tessa. It was a fabulous experience – the power of drumming will stay with me for a long time to come.

I feel I have left my old self, my limiting beliefs and my fear of change behind me. I have found an inner confidence, courage to move forward with my dreams and a new found sense of awareness. I would wholeheartedly recommend this retreat to anyone who wishes to attend.

Tessa has set the date for the next one – 7-9 August 2015. All the details can be found here. Please take the time to attend – it will make such a difference for you.

Tir Na Moe Healing Room
Healing Room at Tir Na Moe – Sound Healing Retreat




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