Litha – Summer Solstice

In a few short weeks the summer solstice will be upon us. At this time the sun appears to stand still in the sky and we have reached the longest day and shortest night. The Oak King is at the height of his power and now has to hand over control to the Holly King who will reign until the Winter Solstice in December.

At this time we celebrate the power of the sun but yet we know that the darkness will be returning as the nights are now on the turn once more. We celebrate all that we have achieved so far this year and we look ahead to the coming harvest festivals. We are thankful for what we have sown and we know that just as the sun has reached its full potential at the solstice, we too can reach our full potential by tending the intentions we have sown thus far.

At Litha, the Wiccan name for the Summer Solstice, people gather at standing stones such as Stonehenge in England to watch the sun rise. We celebrate the knowledge and wisdom of the Oak tree – one of the slowest growing and long-lived trees, Oak is the doorway to knowledge and wisdom. Take some time to sit with an Oak tree and soak up the energy of the Earth and the wisdom of the tree as you visualise your future successes.

This festival is paradoxical in nature, for on one hand we can see that the sun is shining brightly and is at its strongest but on the other hand we know that this strength will now start to wane and the Earth will begin to prepare for the coming Autumn and Winter. The Wheel of the Year has turned and we use this festival to focus on the fact that we should live in the moment and enjoy the summer sun while it shines upon us. Let’s not worry about the nights lengthening and the cold coming – we still have a few months of summer to enjoy!

May the sun shine brightly wherever you are and if you are in the Southern Hemisphere you can celebrate your Winter Solstice knowing that the sun will return.

Blessed Be.

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