Your Health is your Wealth!

We all run around keeping busy and struggling to pay the bills, keep on top of the laundry and make sure the kids are fed and watered. We strive to get more and more stuff because that’s what we are taught makes us “wealthy” and “successful”.

What use is all that stuff though if your health is suffering? Are you used to feeling tired in the morning when you have to get out of bed? Are your joints feeling a bit sore and stiff? How is your mood? Have you got so accustomed to having low energy and aches and pains that you think it is normal and just a part of growing older?

I thought that too. I thought having sore knees and shoulders was just how it was as I reached 40. I assumed that everyone felt a bit tired all the time and had low energy levels. I also thought it was perfectly normal to have a bloated feeling in my tummy from time to time and to feel a bit off colour on a regular basis.

I visited my GP and was given various tablets and I was sent for tests – invasive camera tests to check my bowel and stomach. The doctor’s tests hadn’t revealed anything and I was left with a vague diagnosis of “You most likely have IBS”. Helpful eh?

I felt like a real fraud. Here I was working to establish my own holistic therapies business but I was finding myself running to a GP every 5 minutes. I realised that I had the tools to help myself and I began to work on myself using holistic methods rather than just focusing on the symptoms.

My energy levels and mood improved drastically when I reviewed my diet. My GP hadn’t really given me much advice other than to figure out what my trigger foods were and then avoid them. Easier said than done! I went on an eating plan based on the Low FODMAP diet and I cut out gluten and cow’s milk. Wow! Almost overnight I felt better. No more bloated belly and I felt good.

Over the next few weeks I started to notice my energy levels rising and even better I was losing weight! It was brilliant! Added to that, even my joint pain was significantly reduced. I combined this eating plan with the introduction of daily meditation and Reiki so that I was also working with my mind and spirit and not just my body. The change has been amazing.

I have realised that we definitely are what we eat. When I fall off the healthy eating wagon and eat things I know I shouldn’t, (like that lovely cream bun), I feel sluggish again and my joint pain flares up.

I am passionate about sharing this information because I know first-hand what a small change to a diet can lead to. I feel far more healthy and balanced than ever before. I have learned more about food and nutrition and have even signed up for a diploma course in Clinical Holistic Nutrition in order to develop my knowledge further.

If we look after our bodies we are really investing in our future. Our health is our wealth for without it we have nothing. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It doesn’t matter what car you drive. All that matters is how healthy you are. You need your body to be fit and well so you can fully participate and enjoy life. Balance is key.

The mind, body and spirit all need to be healthy. By nourishing our bodies with healthy, nutritious food and taking time out to relax and enjoy life, we naturally achieve a healthy balance.

Would you like to achieve this balance? Check out my new Holistic Health Programme which is now available or why not think about having a Food Intolerance Test? It could turn your life around.

For more information about anything within this article please feel free to contact me.

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