Reflexology Rocks!

I had the joy of being able to walk barefoot on the beach recently and I really enjoyed every second of it – even when I had to walk across a stony area!

Being barefoot in the sand and on the stones was like having a free reflexology session. All the points on my feet were being stimulated by Mother Earth as I walked. My feet were getting a great work-out and were twisting and turning and moving in all sorts of directions.

I even let my inner child out to play and jumped in some rock pools! It was great for the body, mind and soul.

Reflexology is one of my favourite therapies. I enjoy watching people sink into a relaxed state as I work on their feet. It really helps you to unwind and has the added benefit of restoring balance to your system.

Reflexology works on the premise that the entire body can be treated by working on the feet. The theory is that the body’s meridians (energy lines) terminate at the feet and any energy imbalances can be released by working on these points.

The entire body can be mapped out into zones on the feet and by working on these reflex points reflexologists can help to ease pain or discomfort, promote relaxation and generally make you feel better!

If you have never tried this wonderful therapy I cannot recommend it enough! This week (21st-27th September 2015) is World Reflexology Week and to celebrate and promote reflexology I have reduced all my reflexology sessions to just £15 for the week.

If you are nearby why not contact me to book an appointment? If you are further afield take a look in your local area and see if there are any reflexology specials being offered.

For more details about reflexology and to see if it can help you please visit my website –

If you have had your own experience of reflexology I would love to hear from you – leave me a comment! Thanks.

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