Conscious choice towards better health & happiness

My latest podcast for Natural Health Radio is all about conscious choice. Too often we allow ourselves to get stuck in a rut or in a downward spiral and we fail to recognise that we always have a choice.

I had a choice this morning about whether to allow my dark mood to take over my day (like it did yesterday) or whether to get up and go out walking. I chose to go walking and the difference it has made to my mood is phenomenal.

I struggle at this time of year with the dark days and have to work hard to keep my spirits up. I battled with depression a few years ago and am very aware of how easy it would be for me to fall back into the black pit. I hope that my frank words about choice and about choosing to take steps towards better health will resonate with you and help you make more informed and conscious decisions each day.

I would love to hear from you and find out how you lift yourself when bad days descend. I would also love to know if you would be interested in joining a closed Facebook support and accountability group to help us all stay motivated and happy during the coming winter months. Please leave me a comment, visit my website or connect with me on Facebook.

To listen to the podcast please click on the link below!


5 thoughts on “Conscious choice towards better health & happiness

  1. The only things we can control in our lives are our actions and our reactions. To get out of a dark mood, I try to work on something positive. Usually something that is an easy win to give me that positive satisfaction. I’ll actually save some easier tasks to do for those moodier days.


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