The Importance of Grounding

Do you often feel light-headed or dizzy? Perhaps you are forgetful or clumsy. Maybe you keep getting static electric shocks when you touch certain objects. You may feel fuzzy, have difficulty concentrating and often feel disconnected from your body. These are all symptoms of being ungrounded.

Life is busy and we often get very caught up in our heads. We spend a lot of time thinking, worrying or stressing about things in our lives and time seems to fly by which in turn makes us even more stressed out.

For some people there is a focus on developing their spiritual nature and their spiritual gifts, I have seen many clients over the years who are trying to develop their intuition and their psychic abilities. They often forget to ground and centre their energy.

There seems to be a general consensus that the upper energy centres such as the crown and brow chakras are somehow more important than the lower chakras such as the base and sacral. People work very hard at opening their third eye and trying to expand their consciousness but they neglect their lower chakras and as a result have limited success or unpredictable results with their development.

Even from a Reiki point of view, some practitioners and Masters focus only on drawing energy from above and forget about the importance of grounding. The energy never really gets to light the fire within and the practice becomes an intellectual exercise or superficial in nature. The connection is lost with the Earth.

All this focus on the upper chakras leads to the symptoms I’ve mentioned above. We become disconnected from our physical bodies and as a result feel floaty, spaced out or light-headed.

An important concept to grasp is that nothing is built from the sky downwards – everything is built from the earth upwards. In other words it is vitally important to have a stable and secure base in order to build your life and your spiritual and personal development. Imagine an upside down pyramid – it is not very stable is it? Resting on its point with the huge wide base at the top – it would easily topple over. It is not balanced. It is not grounded.

When we focus all our energies into our heads we are becoming the topsy turvy pyramid. We need to re-focus our attention and energy on our lower energy centres and begin to build a firm and solid foundation in order to grow in a stable and secure manner. We need to become the upstanding pyramid with a wide base and stable centre of gravity.

So how do you do that? How do you get more grounded and get out of your head?

There are lots and lots of ways to do this and I will share some of them with you here today.

Get outside and re-connect with nature. Mother Nature is all around us and by connecting with nature you can quickly ground and centre your energy. Walking barefoot on a sandy beach is a lovely way to ground yourself and if you paddle in the water you can also energise your sacral chakra, which lies just above your base chakra. The sacral chakra is governed by water and is the seat of our emotions so restore balance and ground yourself by paddling in the sea if you can.

Walking in a forest park or getting in tune with the slow, steady energy of trees is another fantastic way to ground and centre your energy. Trees take a long time to mature and therefore have a stabilising and older energy that we can tap into. I love to walk in the forest parks near my home and have found great benefit from resting against a large tree with my back against it. I like to soak up the tree’s energy and imagine myself forming part of the tree and becoming one with it. Sometimes I sit (if it is dry) and other times I stand with my back against it and my palms behind me touching the tree. I like to share Reiki with the tree to thank it and give something back as I soak up its grounding energy.

If you don’t have a beach or forest park nearby you can still benefit from getting outside into fresh air. Simply walking, no matter where it is, will connect you with the earth. Focus your mind on each step and notice what it feels like to walk. Feel your feet connecting with the pavement beneath you. Notice your breath and be mindful of your walk and that will put you back in touch with your body and ground your energy.

Another way to get back in touch with nature is to bring some green house-plants into your home and begin to take care of them. Feed the birds and small animals that are all around us – thank Mother Nature for giving us a home, feeding us and protecting us. Give thanks for your food and water. Recycle and take care of the earth. All these things will help to keep your base secure and solid.

As a crystal healer I love to work with the energy of crystals. They are little vibrational powerhouses and can make a massive difference. In fact at this moment I am carrying a sodalite crystal to help me with communication as I write this article. I have to say I feel energised by the little stone that is sitting in my pocket just doing its thing!

Crystals are a fantastic way to help you ground your energy and they are so discreet you can use them anywhere. Simply carry one in your pocket to help with grounding, or wear jewellery made from your chosen stone. Personally I find that hematite, obsidian, smoky quartz and red jasper are the most beneficial grounding crystals but it is important that you trust your intuition and choose the stone you are most drawn to. Each of these 4 stones have different qualities and properties so you may find that one works better for you than others.

Let’s take a look at each of them now. Hematite tumble-stones are shiny black stones which have a powerful magnetic energy. They are the ultimate grounding stone and when you place them on your body you can often feel like you are being physically pulled down towards the earth. It also is a fantastic stone to withdraw any negative energy from you. It takes this energy from you and pulls it into itself. It is therefore important to regularly cleanse your hematite stone. Do not use salt with hematite as you will damage the stone. Instead you can place it under running water and visualise the negative energy being washed away or you can use incense to smudge the stone. Simply light the incense and pass the stone through the smoke with the intention that all negative energy is carried away. You can also bury the stone in the earth for 24 hours – the earth will absorb and transmute the negative energy leaving your crystal feeling refreshed and cleansed.

For some people the energy of the hematite stone is too much. If this applies to you then you may find smoky quartz more beneficial. This is a member of the quartz family and has a very stabilising effect which is useful for grounding the body. This stone is one of the most powerful for cleansing and balancing your base or root chakra and so therefore makes you feel more grounded and rooted in to the earth. It does this in an uplifting way as it has a much more subtle energy than hematite. It neutralises any negative vibrations and replaces them with light – this in turn feels less heavy on your body than hematite.

I love working with black obsidian as well as the hematite and smoky quartz stones. Obsidian is a powerful stone which clears any psychic debris or smog from the aura. It is particularly useful if you have been doing a lot of spiritual work and you need to ground and centre. It also helps you to release any disharmony from your day, helping you to release resentment, fear and anger while connecting you to Mother Earth. I find it useful during healing sessions to ground the client and also to help me stay focused and grounded. You may also find it helpful to meditate with this stone at the end of the day to release anything that needs to go before you sleep.

Jasper has been used for many years – right back to ancient times. It is valued for its healing and grounding energy. Jasper stones all carry powerful earth energy and the red jasper works particularly well with the base chakra. I find that using this stone over the base reinvigorates and re-energises the area – useful if the base chakra has become blocked. There are many different varieties and colours of jasper – choose the one that calls to you.

As always remember to keep your crystals cleansed and energised. They love to sit in the light of the sun and moon to recharge so leave them out in a safe place and allow them to soak up these energies. If you would like to learn more about crystals check out my website – I regularly run crystal workshops and training courses. I have a crystal workshop coming up in a couple of weeks and a crystal chakras course starting in May which will be focusing on using crystals, colour and meditation to balance your chakras and restore harmony to your mind, body and spirit.

To use the crystals you can simply carry them in your pocket or hold them in your hands and meditate with them. I have written a short guided meditation here to help you ground and centre your energy. If you would like to listen to it then please click on the link below and take some time out of your busy day.

As a Reiki Master Teacher the importance of being grounded cannot be overstated. In order to fully embody Usui’s practices it is vital to focus on the body and on the hara (what we call the sacral/base chakra area).

Usui taught the importance of being fully connected with your body. He had his students practice dry-bathing techniques – you can see these being done in Ti Chi or Qi Gong classes – you sweep your hands from one shoulder across the body to the opposite hip and then repeat on the other side. You can also sweep your hands down your arms and place your hands on your hara (belly button) and focus on the breath. Usui realised the importance of establishing a firm base before moving onwards with his teachings. The ultimate goal of Reiki is to become Reiki – to be the light – but one cannot be the light if one does not connect first with the body.

I am in the process of writing more content and posts about Reiki as it is my passion in life and the one thing that has really turned my life around. IN the meantime there is lots of information about Reiki and how it can help you on my website

I hope you have found this helpful and that it has inspired you to try out some grounding exercises. If you haven’t already then check out the meditation – it is a wonderful way to ground and centre. I would love to hear from you so please get in touch – you can connect with me by leaving a comment below or visit my Facebook page and like and follow to keep in touch with me. Thank you so much for all your support and thank you for taking the time to read this post.



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