Crystals – Powerhouses of Healing Energy

Our world is rapidly changing and quite often we feel the need to find more peace and harmony in our increasingly hectic lives. A fantastic way to do this is to harness the power and beauty of the mineral kingdom.

The natural world is a delicate ecosystem where everything is balanced and inter-connected. If we upset the balance of any of nature’s kingdoms we end up suffering from our actions.

The human body is the same – we are not just a physical body – we are much more than that. We are made up from energy and our mind, body and spirit are connected – just as we are also connected with the Earth and the natural world around us.

Everything in the universe is interconnected, from the smallest grain of sand on Earth to the largest planet. We are all made of the same atoms and minerals. Crystals take millions of years to form within the mineral kingdom, soaking up the subtle energies and vibrations of the Earth and the rays of the sun. It is therefore reasonable to assume that gemstones and crystals which come from the Earth can work with our bodies on a sub-atomic or spiritual level to help re-balance or heal.

Human beings have always been fascinated by many beautiful and mysterious gemstones and crystals. These stones, which form in the heart of the Earth, hold special significance for many and can be seen in lots of ancient cultures as amulets, power stones and other special adornments.

Remember that most crystals were made by geological action over hundreds of thousands of years. Many of these crystals have remained hidden deep in the Earth before being mined, shaped, polished and presented for sale. When you hold a crystal in your hand therefore remember that you are holding a piece of the Earth which is thousands of years old.

How are they used?

Decoration & Jewellery – because crystals are so pretty it should come as no surprise that they are often fashioned into jewellery. Royalty use crystals to adorn their crowns and palaces. Diamonds, emeralds and sapphires are the most well-known stones for jewellery but semi-precious stones are also used.

Protection & Amulets – Talismans and amulets were typical in ancient cultures – for example the Egyptians and Romans used them to confer protection on their people and rulers. Today we often carry crystals for protection to help us guard against psychic attack or to repel negativity.

Attraction – crystals can be placed in the home to attract abundance. They can be carried for the same purpose. They can be used to attract love, peace and harmony. Different crystals are used to attract different things – for example, citrine is used for abundance whereas rose quartz would be used to attract love.

Healing – of all the things that crystals can be used for, healing is perhaps the greatest. Science has allowed us to understand today that everything in the universe is formed from energy and that all things therefore vibrate with energy. This includes crystals. Science has further proved that certain forms of energy can alter the vibrational resonance of other forms of energy. This is the concept behind using crystals for healing.

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