Working with Angelic Energy

Working with angels is something that everyone can do. Each of us has our own Guardian Angel who protects and guides us through our human life. Often we talk about our departed loved ones being our guardian angels but angels have never incarnated into human form. Our departed loved ones may choose to become one of our spirit guides but they are not the same as angels.

The word angel is derived from the Greek word “angelos” which means Messenger. Angels are messengers from God and their purpose is to serve, protect and encourage us to grow and expand our spiritual awareness. They are found in all religious texts and you don’t even have to be religious to connect with angels.

Angels radiate pure love and light. You can connect to your angel simply by asking them to come close and make their presence felt. Angels cannot interfere in our lives without our consent so you need to ask your angel to step forward and communicate with you. Angels will communicate through subtle means – they know that if they were to appear in front of us in all their glory we would most likely be too shocked to move! Hearing your angel’s guidance can therefore be difficult to begin with. As humans we want instant gratification and obvious tangible evidence that we are not making things up in our heads. However, angels communicate by using signs such as feathers, an overheard conversation, song lyrics or other subtle things like that.

You can also work with Archangels. Archangels are much more powerful than your guardian angel and they each have their own speciality. If you are interested in angels you will most likely be familiar with Archangel Michael, the protector and Archangel Raphael, the healer. There are many archangels and armies of angels. They are all available to help us with our lives and our health. They encourage us to eat more healthily and take better care of ourselves. They won’t do things for us – we are in ultimate control and they will only guide and suggest or illuminate paths for us to take – it is up to us to recognise the signs and take inspired action.

How to connect with the angels


The best way to connect with the angelic realm is through meditation. It helps if you can try and keep to a regular routine in order to establish a clear connection with the angels. You could see it as making an appointment for a chat. You wouldn’t like it if someone made a date with you and then didn’t show up or if they showed up but weren’t interested in listening to you, so bear that in mind when communicating with the angels.

If you can, you should set up a special area where you can go to connect with the angels. It may be an outside space or somewhere inside the house where you won’t be disturbed. You may also find it helpful to put some crystals, angel figurines or feathers on a special table and create your own angel altar.

If you are not used to meditating it can seem like an impossible task to quiet your mind and allow the angels to come close. My advice to you would be to stop trying to silence your mind. Your mind exists so that it can think. Just like cars use the road, your thoughts use your mind. There is no point trying to silence the thoughts just like there is no point trying to run about on the road trying to direct the traffic.

Make yourself comfortable and wear clothing that isn’t tight or restrictive. Take a little while to settle down into your body. Start to notice your breath – you don’t have to breathe in any specific way – just notice how you are breathing. You may find that as you bring your awareness to your breath that it naturally starts to slow down and become deeper but it is OK if it doesn’t.

Your thoughts may appear to run wild for a little while. Don’t get angry or frustrated just notice that they are there. It is sometimes like taming a wild horse. You need to give it plenty of rope and plenty of space and then gradually rein it in. So give your mind the same deal – allow the thoughts to be there. Acknowledge them. You may even like to say to yourself – “Yes, I hear you and I will deal with that later”. You will find that your mind then starts to calm down and you get a bit of space between the thoughts.

With regular practice this process of calming the mind and becoming peaceful will be quicker and your mind will recognise that this is your special time where it has to be quieter than normal. This is all part of the mind training that is required when learning to meditate.

Once you feel calm and relaxed, ask your angels to come close. They cannot intervene in our lives without our consent so you need to ask.

Ask the angels to approach you and make you aware of their presence. You may feel a light breeze, smell a lovely scent or feel a gentle touch. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything at first – this process can take some time. Angels operate on such a high vibration that we need to raise our vibration in order to communicate effectively.

You can ask your angels for guidance or for healing and then trust that they will do what is needed. At this point you need to simply leave it with them and then be vigilant for signs in your life.

After meditation it is always important to ground yourself, so take time to come back to the physical world. Be aware of your contact with the Earth. Have something to eat or drink. Make sure you are fully present before going about your daily business.

Use Angel Cards

Angel Cards are a wonderful way of making contact with the angels. There are a multitude of different decks available and you should choose one that you like.

You can dedicate the deck if you wish by holding it in your hands and asking that the angels use the cards to give you guidance.

When doing a reading for yourself, take the cards and hold them in your hands for a moment. Ask that your angels come close and provide the answers you are seeking. Shuffle the cards and think of your question (if you have one). Draw a card or more than one if you wish and read the message.

The Angel Cards are easier to use than the Tarot as they have their meanings written on them. The cards will always be appropriate and positive. You will find that the angels will sometimes ensure that you keep getting the same card – usually if they are trying to get your attention!

How angels communicate with us.

Angels communicate in a variety of ways. If we are open enough to receive it, they will communicate directly with us. Some people are naturally clairvoyant and will clearly see angels, others are clairaudient and will clearly hear angels and others are clairsentient and will feel the angels when they are near.

For most of us we need to take time to develop our ability to see, hear or feel the angels as we have come to heavily rely on our 5 physical senses only. In these instances the angels will communicate indirectly. For example, a song may play on the radio that has the message they need to get to you, or a book may fall off a shelf in a bookstore and be the one you need to read. They also leave feathers as calling cards or coins. Sometimes when they are close you can get a wonderful scent in the air and other people report hearing a heavenly choir or music when angels are close.

Sometimes angels will also call out your name. You will often hear this just as you are waking up or going to sleep and it sounds like your own voice on some occasions. Angels will also communicate by sending you signs like repeating numbers, for example 11:11 or 22:22.

Would you like to learn more?

I regularly run Angel Workshops from my home in Bangor. The next one is scheduled for Saturday 10th December 2016. Why not come along and spend a morning with the angels?

I would love to hear your angel stories – please leave me a comment below or get in touch to share your stories or to ask a question about the angels.


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