How to get what you really want

5 steps to getting what you really want!

If you are drawn to this post then you are most likely looking for something in your life. Perhaps you want more money, a loving relationship, more control in your life, better health, weight loss or simply to feel more important.

No matter what it is that you want to achieve, the process is always the same.

Step 1 – Get Clear

What is it that you REALLY want? You need to be specific here. Being vague will only lead to vague results or a lack of progress. For example – rather than saying “I want to lose weight” – be specific – “I want to lose 3lbs by Christmas and then 7lbs by the end of January”. That is a better goal because you can quantify it.

Step 2 – Imagine it

How would it change your life?

Take a moment to look at your goal. If you achieved it, how would it impact your life? How would your life change as a result? You may need to sit with this for a while and really consider the options and the possibilities. Be realistic with how your life may change – do you still want it to happen?

OK visualise it in its entirety. Design a vision board using photos, inspirational quotes and colours to make you feel inspired and empowered to move towards this vision of your ideal life.

Step 3 – Plan it

Decide on the steps you need to take in order to make your dream a reality.

You can do anything you want to do – you just need to take the first step and begin to CREATE. You may not necessarily feel like you are a creative person but we are all capable of creating our lives. You create your own reality every day by the thoughts you have and the way you perceive the world around you. Be creative with your thinking – check in with your inner sat nav and your intuition. You have the power within you to make the changes but you need to take action!

When you make your plan, break your goal down into smaller manageable chunks. If you have lots of goals then pick one and work on it the whole way through rather than switching between several plans.

Step 4 – Take Action!

So you have clearly visualised what you want to achieve and you have broken it down into steps and processes. It is time to put your plan into action. Your actions may be things like researching online, reading self-help books, going to an exercise class, going shopping for healthy food, making an appointment with a financial advisor, booking a relaxation session to help you start from a place of calm … just get started!

Step 5 – Mind your Vibes!

You are giving out an energy vibration 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your vibration affects you and all those around you, just as you are affected by everyone around you too. When you find yourself stuck in a rut it is easy to get down on yourself and feel negative. This has the effect of attracting more low vibrational energy to you which in turn perpetuates the problem and things seem to get worse.

When working through life changes it is vitally important to stay mindful of the vibe you are giving out. Our world works by resonating to the energy vibe we are transmitting. If we are positive and happy then things seem to go our way and we feel happy and content. When we are down then things get on top of us. There are lots of ways you can keep your energy vibrations up – smile, laugh, play, be creative, connect with your people, get outside, eat healthy food, talk to a friend, relax and unwind!

Want some help?

On Saturday 7th January 2017 I am running a morning dedicated to working with the Law of Attraction and Vision Boards in order to help people get clear on their goals and learn how to manifest them. Together we will work on setting a clear intention for the coming year and then will further break that overall vision down into a 30 day plan to kick start the year. If you would like to come along then please book your place via the website.

If you are not in my local area (Bangor, Northern Ireland) but would be interested in receiving help and advice in this area then please get in touch using the form below. I am currently working on a new suite of services which will deliver results fast for those who are prepared to put the effort in. These services can be delivered remotely as well as in person so distance is no barrier. Leave me your contact details and I will follow up with you within the next few days – no obligation at all just a follow up email!

I’d love to hear from you – let me know what goals and plans you are putting in place for 2017. You can leave a comment below or connect with me via Facebook.

If you have an extra 5 minutes I would also love it if you could answer a few short questions for me in relation to where you find yourself in your life. These questions have been put together to help me design the very best service for my clients so if you could spare a moment to answer them I would be really grateful! You can access the short survey here.


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