Time to recharge the batteries?

Have you ever felt like you needed to press the reset button on your life? Or maybe you’ve felt drained, tired or lethargic.  Would you like to feel restored, balanced and refreshed?

Introducing Rocks n Rituals Recharge – my new signature therapy which is now available.

What is Recharge?

Recharge is a combination of deeply relaxing meditation, Reiki and crystal healing all rolled into one neat package. It is an hour and a half of blissful relaxation where your body can heal itself from the stresses and strains of modern life.

I came up with the idea to combine several therapies because quite a few clients couldn’t choose between angel healing, meditation, crystals or Reiki sessions with me and they asked which one was the best for restoring lost energy and re-balancing the system.

As a Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healer I would often plump for Reiki or crystals as my go to therapy when someone asked that question but I am also a meditation teacher and I work with the angels too so I know how powerful all these sessions can be!

What’s involved?

The session begins with you arriving and having a short chat with me about what is currently going on in your life and how you are feeling. This helps you to get things off your chest so that you can fully relax during the session.

Next we work together to set a positive intention for the healing to take place and you lie on the massage table, fully clothed except for your shoes, and I place a cosy blanket over you to keep you nice and warm.

I then take you through a lovely guided visualisation to help you relax your body and mind so that you are open and receptive to the Reiki healing energy which will then be channelled through your system. I will also call upon the angels at this point, if you wish, to seek their assistance during the session.

Following your Reiki session I will gently lay crystals on and around your body. Your system will already be energised and cleared by the Reiki so the crystals will act to further balance and clear the chakras, leaving you feeling refreshed and restored.

I will leave you to relax with the crystals in place for 20 minutes and will then return to remove the crystals and work to ground and centre you before the session ends.

You will be offered a glass of water and will have time to have a chat and to get some feedback on the session before you leave to go about your day.

How does it work?

When the human body is totally relaxed it is able to heal itself. We often run about in a state of perpetual stress and our bodies can never take the time to heal. By totally relaxing the mind, body & spirit during the initial guided visualisation you are setting the stage for total healing to take place.

You are an energetic being, with your own subtle vibration. Everything in the universe vibrates and everything is made up of energy.

Reiki energy is of an extremely high vibration and blasts through blocks in your energy field with ease. It is a powerful energy yet works in a gentle manner so that you always get just as much as you need in order to facilitate healing.

The crystals all have their own vibration and they work to restore balance in your system. In this therapy session you will already have had a Reiki session by the time the crystals are laid on your body so they will act to seal in the energy and provide a boost of energy for you (hence the “recharge”!)

At the end of all energy healing sessions it is important to ground your energy so that you can function normally on the physical plane. You will need to take the time to come back into the room and into your body after such a powerful energy session and I will work with you to ensure you are totally grounded before you leave.

Sound good?

A recent client arrived for her appointment feeling totally stressed and left feeling completely chilled out with a little buzz of energy coursing around her system. I love to see the transformation and really enjoy working with these therapies to help my clients. Would you like to try it out for yourself?

Price and booking information

For the month of May 2017 I have a special introductory offer on – the session is priced at just £30. You can book your session by using my online booking service – click here to access the system.

The normal price will be £40 so please do avail of this reduction now before all my appointment slots fill up!

Distance work

I am based in Bangor, Northern Ireland – I know that not everyone can visit me in person to have this session carried out so I am able to offer it at distance as well. That is the beauty of energy healing and modern technology!

During a distance session we will arrange a time for your session just as we would if you were coming to see me in person. At the allotted time I will call you via Skype and we will carry out the initial consultation and intention setting work.

I will then channel Reiki healing at distance for you and then use a crystal grid to send crystal healing to you. During this time you should be somewhere where you can relax without being disturbed – I recommend that you light some candles and play soft music. I will then end the session and contact you again by Skype to carry out the grounding work and we can have a chat together about how it went.

I am also finalising work on a download which you can use during the Reiki and crystal healing part of the distance session which will help you remain focused and aware of what is going on.

More details about the distance work will be made available very soon and if you would like to be kept informed about it then please leave me your email address in the comments box, email me at debibarr@rocksnrituals.co.uk or pm me via Facebook.

Do you have questions?

I’d love to hear from you and connect with you. Please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch via social media.

I wish you love, light and blessings.



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