New Business Venture – I need some help please

Helping Hands
I am asking for help please – something most of us find difficult I think! However I am always telling my students and clients that if they don’t ask for help then they won’t get it – so it is time to practice what I preach. So, would you help me please?

I have embarked on a new business venture and I need a little bit of help getting it off the ground.

As you probably already know I run my own business (Rocks n Rituals) but I am always on the look out for new opportunities to bring added value to my customers.

So I have joined Neal’s Yard Remedies as one of their independent consultants. Neal’s Yard specialise in pure, natural, organic products – everything from beauty essentials to aromatherapy and herbal remedies. Their values and ethics are a breath of fresh air and their products are absolutely gorgeous.

So – how can you help me?

There are a number of ways you can help – I appreciate money is tight for everyone these days but some of these ways will not cost you anything so if you could help it would be amazing.

1. If you haven’t already, please like and share my Rocks n Rituals Facebook page so that people can see my posts about the new venture (and my existing business!) – it also helps me a lot if people interact with my posts to keep engagement up so if you could take the time to like or comment on posts that you see, that would be fab.

2. Take a look at the Neal’s Yard products and spread the word that I am taking orders for Christmas now. (Please share this link – You can order via this link and have products delivered directly to you, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are – you can still purchase lovely organic items.

3. If you are local to my area (Bangor, Northern Ireland) and are free on Saturday 18th November, I am hosting a launch party and free skincare workshop at my house – details are here. It would be great if you could come along and bring a friend. It’s a wonderful way to sample the products for yourself and get started on your Christmas shopping if you see something that you like.

4. If you are in Northern Ireland, why not host a pamper party or skincare evening at your home? Simply invite a few friends and I will come and demo the products – as hostess you get a free facial, a hostess gift (which is a full size product), a small thank you gift for saying yes to hosting and you get £25 free shopping if sales reach £150. Take a look here for more details about hosting a party.

5. Place an order – Neal’s Yard products make beautiful Christmas presents and there is so much to choose from – I am happy to point you in the right direction to help you make your purchase. You can either shop online here or I can give you a catalogue and order form to use and I will then place the order for you.

6. If you love their products as much as I do you can even sign up as a consultant yourself – you don’t need to be doing it from a business point of view like me, many people simply sign up in order to get discounted products – as a consultant you save 25% on all purchases.

OK – hard sell time over – if you can help in any way I would appreciate it a lot, after all if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Thank you so much!

Lots of love,
Debi x

Winter Wellness Tips

Woman smiling on a winter's day

5 Tips for Winter Wellness

As we approach the colder months of the year, we tend to turn the central heating up and stay indoors a little more. It is often a busy time of year, with the stresses and strains of festive preparations and the ever-present threat of colds and flu!

Personally I quite enjoy this time of year – I like to get all wrapped up in jumpers and boots and go out walking in the crisp, cold air. However, my skin doesn’t always like it. I find that it becomes dry and chapped very easily, despite me having a tendency for oily skin normally.

Central heating systems, cold winds and stuffy office environments at work can all lead to unhappy skin and an immune system which is under attack from cold and flu viruses.

So what can we do to help ourselves?

1. Look after your skin

Your skin is your body’s first defence against the cold and wet Winter months yet we often neglect it. Use high quality, natural, organic products on your skin to cleanse away the toxins and restore moisture. You can perform a full skin care routine in less than 5 minutes using beautiful products from the Neal’s Yard Organic range – they smell wonderful and last for ages too!

2. Look after your diet

It is tempting to neglect your diet and turn to comfort food when it is cold and wet outside. Rather than turning to caffeine and sugar to get you through your day, why not drink warm, uplifting herbal teas and eat gorgeous home made soups, stews or casseroles to give you that warm, comforting feeling?

3. Boost your immune system

Viruses are everywhere and our body has its own natural defence system called the Immune System. Give your immune system a helping hand by taking echinacea at the first sign of a cold or flu. This wonderful herbal remedy helps to boost your system and reduces the length of any colds. I take it regularly by way of herbal tea as the winter approaches and I rarely get colds or flu. You can get a fabulous immune boosting blend from Neal’s Yard Organics – their echinacea tea blend is combined with acerola, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, and a supporting cast of elderflower, peppermint, yarrow and lime flower.

4. Relax and Unwind

Stress is one of the biggest causes of ill health in our society. Make sure you take time to relax and unwind. No matter how busy you are, listen to your body. Book yourself a relaxing treatment at your local therapist or spa – even if it is only one hour a month, you will feel the benefits and your mood and outlook will improve as a result. Talk to your friends and family about anything that is worrying you – don’t bottle up your problems. Give yourself permission to rest – you cannot give from an empty vessel!

5. Sleep Well

Sleep is so healing and we all need it. Did you know that you could survive three times longer without food that you could without sleep? I believe tests have indicated that we could not survive more than 11 days without sleep. We need it to restore our cells and to refresh our systems. If you are not sleeping well then there are various things you can try, such as lavender oil sprayed on to your pillow, or use an aromatherapy night-time blend roll on, writing down your thoughts to get them out of your head, having Reiki, ensuring your room is cool and dark, removing TV screens and technology from your room and sticking to a regular bedtime routine.

These are all just some ideas and tips that can help you have a healthier Winter season. They are things that I have personally tried and which I find work well for me. I run wellness workshops and offer holistic therapies from my business, Rocks n Rituals. Please visit the website links, if you would like more information about Rocks n Rituals or Neal’s Yard Remedies, or get in touch by leaving a comment.

Let me know, what are your favourite ways to survive the winter months?

Why learn the Tarot?

Tarot Cards

When you hear the word Tarot, what springs to mind?

For many people an instant fear arises and they quickly change the subject or avoid anything to do with the topic. Some people are even rather abusive and condescending about it – there is never any need for that! Others are more open to exploring how these cards can help them. Everyone is different but it can be a divisive subject.

So why all the fear? Tarot cards are really nothing more than pieces of card with pictures on them. There really is nothing to be scared of.

The pictures on a set of Tarot cards are symbolic and archetypal in nature. They are often stereo-typical images which provoke a sub-conscious reaction. This is what makes the Tarot such a good tool for developing your intuition and self-analysis skills.

For centuries the Tarot has been used as a tool for reflection, self-analysis, intuitive development and divination. These cards help you tap into your sub-conscious and help you find solutions to problems or questions which you may have.

In historical times, the Church decreed that these cards were the work of the devil and that they should be feared. This was really down to the fact that these cards allowed ordinary people to take control of their lives and to seek answers from within themselves without the help of the clergy. This meant that the Church was losing control of the masses and in order to combat this, they began to spread fear based messages about these cards. This fear has become ingrained in the collective conscious to this day.

If you treat the Tarot as a tool and use it in love and light for your highest good then there is absolutely nothing to fear. You are not opening up some portal to the gates of hell! There is nothing to fear except fear itself.

By all means if the Tarot makes you feel uncomfortable and you do not want anything to do with it, that is entirely your prerogative and nobody should force you into working with the cards. However, if you are interested and intrigued as to how these cards can help you learn more about yourself and others, then why not learn to decipher them for yourself?

For me, I spent years avoiding the Tarot. Having been brought up in the Church I was brain-washed into being afraid of anything that gave me back my own power and control. Since learning how to read these cards for myself, I now realise that they are not scary devil cards. The cards themselves hold no inherent power. The power of the cards lies in the hands of the reader.

I read from a place of love and light. I hold no fear based energy when I read and I operate in honesty and integrity. As a result my card readings can offer hope to those who need it, advice for those who seek it and solutions or answers to some of life’s difficult questions.

I regularly run workshops and classes for beginners and more advanced students. I have also written a book to help you get to grips with learning this ancient art. You can check it out on Amazon – and take a free look inside!


I am so happy that I am able to work with the Tarot – I would love for you to experience the joy of interpreting the cards for yourself. Why not join me on one of my workshops or classes? Online courses are also coming soon for those who live outside my area but in the meantime, you can check out my book, Rocks n Rituals Tarot Tales, and begin to learn for yourself.

I would love to hear from you. What is your experience with the Tarot?  You can leave a comment below or connect via Facebook or Twitter.

For more information about Tarot classes and workshops please visit my website –

Is it time to get your zen on?!

Aura and chakras

I don’t know about you, but I love to always be learning and checking out stuff online. I also am in love with meditation, crystals, chakras, healing and intuitive development.

A while back I decided to create an online course which covered all the things that I love to learn about so that other people could benefit from discovering the healing properties of crystals, meditation and more.

The beauty of an online course is that it is accessible to anyone no matter where they are in the world. I recently just had my first student enrol on the programme and she is in Australia – how cool is that?!

I designed the programme so that it was entirely self-paced but I also liked the thought of being able to be on hand to answer questions and help out from time to time, so I also created a closed Facebook group for students where they can ask questions and get help if they need it.

I have kept the cost as low as possible and despite the fact that it is worth well over €350 I have priced it at just €49. You get lifetime access to the course and it is full of information, videos, pdf worksheets, meditation downloads and short assignments and quizzes to help you stay on track.

Check out the full course content on my website –

It is hosted on Eliademy, a wonderful e-learning platform. To get on board and join the zen tribe all you need to do is click on the Sign Up button on my website and you can create a free Eliademy account and log into the course to get started.

I look forward to welcoming you aboard and hope you enjoy getting your zen on!

Tarot – scary devil cards or a tool for self-analysis?

Laying the cards out

This weekend, Saturday 17th June 2017, I am running a short two hour introductory Tarot Taster workshop. The workshop is designed to help you connect with the cards and to remove the fear and superstition that surrounds them.

I know so many people who are terrified of these cards and others who are simply wary of them. I felt that way myself when I first heard of the Tarot. It had been drummed into me that they were devil cards and I should avoid them at all costs!

I have since discovered that this is nothing more than scare-mongering and fear tactics! The Tarot are simply cards with images on them – so long as you work from a place of love and light and treat them as a tool to answer your questions then you cannot go wrong.

Tarot cards provide an objective tool in the pursuit of self-analysis. The cards never lie – you get what you get. Many people turn to the Tarot because of its archetypal significance and symbolism. It allows you the chance to develop your own choices and journey in life and brings a greater awareness of your sense of purpose and destiny.

The cards are timeless and symbolic. They help you look at situations in your life in new and different ways. The Tarot can inspire, educate and guide you on your journey through life. It can also bring you closer to the spiritual and intuitive side of your nature. You are tapping into the energy of the moment and your own psyche when you read the cards – this is an amazingly empowering tool for self-awareness and self-development.

The seemingly random choice of cards at any one moment is a powerful signifier of the meaning of that moment. You are tapping into the collective consciousness of your higher self and the universe. It is almost like the cards pick you.

All of us project unconscious issues on to objects which are in the physical environment around us. We perceive our reality through the lens of our own nature, through our thoughts. We therefore similarly project our inner issues on to each Tarot card. However there is a message in every symbol and a meaning behind every image in the Tarot.

The Tarot awakens us to the powerful patterns of human nature and gives us answers and solutions that we subconsciously already knew but didn’t see before.

Your future is not set in stone. You have free will and your future will change depending on the choices you make each day. The Tarot can certainly give an indication of what may lie ahead for you if you stay on the current path but you should not give away your power to the cards by relying on them to tell your future.

It is my mission to try and dispel some of the myths and fear that surround the Tarot, as well as help people to use the cards for themselves. I recently wrote a book called “Rocks n Rituals Tarot Tales“. The book was designed to help you learn the Tarot easily and many people have found it very useful in helping them recall the cards.

Learning the Tarot relies on your natural human ability to recall stories. The best Tarot readers can look at the cards and tell a story from them, rather than reciting static meanings from a book. In the book, I have used my personal Tarot reading experience in order to help you use your intuition to decipher the meanings of the cards. Why not check it out – you can even take a free look inside via Amazon.


You can learn to become a respected and light-filled reader who people come to again and again for helpful guidance and advice. This is why I run both introductory workshops, online courses and in-person classes to help you develop this skill.

If you need help, guidance and support with your Tarot journey you are very welcome to connect with me via Facebook or get in touch with your questions by commenting below.

Enjoy your Tarot journey and lose the fear!

The importance of self care

Woman relaxing by a lake

When was the last time you took time out of your schedule to look after yourself? I mean REALLY look after yourself?

We are all busy and we tend to run around making sure everyone else is OK – it is easy to forget about ourselves.

As a single working mum I know that I am always on the go – making sure the kids have what they need for school, making meals, sorting the housework, keeping the garden tidy, ensuring homework is done, being a taxi driver ferrying them to and from their social engagements, doing the laundry (the never-ending laundry – how do we go through so many clothes?!), caring for my elderly mother, being in a committed relationship … oh and running a full-time business while I am at it!

I often find myself under pressure but I don’t allow my hectic schedule to get in the way of my self care because if I don’t look after myself then I am no use to anyone else.

What use am I as a mum if I am too tired to interact with my kids?
What use am I as a daughter if I have no energy to care for my elderly mum?
What use am I as a friend if I have no time to go for a coffee and a chat?
What use am I as a girlfriend if I am to stressed from work to relax and enjoy date night?
What use am I as your therapist if I don’t walk my talk and look after myself?

When I don’t look after myself my energy levels start to dip, my sleep pattern gets disrupted, my healthy eating habits go out the window, my stress levels go up and I find myself spiralling towards the big black pit of depression that I took so long to get out of.

Why do we find it so difficult to take proper time out for ourselves?

I don’t know about you, but it seems so much easier to fall back into old habits when we are stressed or under pressure rather than taking time out for self-care doesn’t it?

I promise you though, whilst it seems counter-intuitive to slow down and take time out when you are under pressure, it really does work.

When you slow down and give yourself a break you diffuse the time bomb that is going to go off. You recharge your batteries – I mean come on .. you recharge your phone every day don’t you? You don’t expect it to just go on and on and on without a recharge?

There are lots of ways to incorporate self-care into your schedule – go for a walk on your lunch break rather than sitting in the staff room, have an early night and read your favourite book, savour your coffee break rather than gossiping with colleagues, get some exercise, look after your nutrition, take a few minutes each morning to meditate and set a positive intention for the day, say yes to that invite from an old friend for a chat, pick up the phone and ring a friend rather than texting … the list could go on and on.

I would also advocate that you take an hour at least once a month and treat yourself to a lovely time out. For me, I go and have acupuncture and energy clearing work done once a month as my special treat. I really look forward to that hour where I am the one on the massage table being treated rather than the other way round! It gives me something to look forward to and makes all the hard work worthwhile.

So I will ask again – when was the last time you took time for self-care? When was the last time you had a massage or a Reiki session or reflexology or acupuncture …. or a facial, your nails done, your hair done?

Life is to be enjoyed, not endured. By taking time to take care of yourself you are subconsciously giving other people permission to do the same – and this will spread a ripple of self care and love throughout your world. How wonderful eh?!

Let me know how you take care of yourself by leaving a comment or connecting with me on Facebook or Twitter.



Time to recharge the batteries?

Sunset and person lying in a hammock over the sea

Have you ever felt like you needed to press the reset button on your life? Or maybe you’ve felt drained, tired or lethargic.  Would you like to feel restored, balanced and refreshed?

Introducing Rocks n Rituals Recharge – my new signature therapy which is now available.

What is Recharge?

Recharge is a combination of deeply relaxing meditation, Reiki and crystal healing all rolled into one neat package. It is an hour and a half of blissful relaxation where your body can heal itself from the stresses and strains of modern life.

I came up with the idea to combine several therapies because quite a few clients couldn’t choose between angel healing, meditation, crystals or Reiki sessions with me and they asked which one was the best for restoring lost energy and re-balancing the system.

As a Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healer I would often plump for Reiki or crystals as my go to therapy when someone asked that question but I am also a meditation teacher and I work with the angels too so I know how powerful all these sessions can be!

What’s involved?

The session begins with you arriving and having a short chat with me about what is currently going on in your life and how you are feeling. This helps you to get things off your chest so that you can fully relax during the session.

Next we work together to set a positive intention for the healing to take place and you lie on the massage table, fully clothed except for your shoes, and I place a cosy blanket over you to keep you nice and warm.

I then take you through a lovely guided visualisation to help you relax your body and mind so that you are open and receptive to the Reiki healing energy which will then be channelled through your system. I will also call upon the angels at this point, if you wish, to seek their assistance during the session.

Following your Reiki session I will gently lay crystals on and around your body. Your system will already be energised and cleared by the Reiki so the crystals will act to further balance and clear the chakras, leaving you feeling refreshed and restored.

I will leave you to relax with the crystals in place for 20 minutes and will then return to remove the crystals and work to ground and centre you before the session ends.

You will be offered a glass of water and will have time to have a chat and to get some feedback on the session before you leave to go about your day.

How does it work?

When the human body is totally relaxed it is able to heal itself. We often run about in a state of perpetual stress and our bodies can never take the time to heal. By totally relaxing the mind, body & spirit during the initial guided visualisation you are setting the stage for total healing to take place.

You are an energetic being, with your own subtle vibration. Everything in the universe vibrates and everything is made up of energy.

Reiki energy is of an extremely high vibration and blasts through blocks in your energy field with ease. It is a powerful energy yet works in a gentle manner so that you always get just as much as you need in order to facilitate healing.

The crystals all have their own vibration and they work to restore balance in your system. In this therapy session you will already have had a Reiki session by the time the crystals are laid on your body so they will act to seal in the energy and provide a boost of energy for you (hence the “recharge”!)

At the end of all energy healing sessions it is important to ground your energy so that you can function normally on the physical plane. You will need to take the time to come back into the room and into your body after such a powerful energy session and I will work with you to ensure you are totally grounded before you leave.

Sound good?

A recent client arrived for her appointment feeling totally stressed and left feeling completely chilled out with a little buzz of energy coursing around her system. I love to see the transformation and really enjoy working with these therapies to help my clients. Would you like to try it out for yourself?

Price and booking information

For the month of May 2017 I have a special introductory offer on – the session is priced at just £30. You can book your session by using my online booking service – click here to access the system.

The normal price will be £40 so please do avail of this reduction now before all my appointment slots fill up!

Distance work

I am based in Bangor, Northern Ireland – I know that not everyone can visit me in person to have this session carried out so I am able to offer it at distance as well. That is the beauty of energy healing and modern technology!

During a distance session we will arrange a time for your session just as we would if you were coming to see me in person. At the allotted time I will call you via Skype and we will carry out the initial consultation and intention setting work.

I will then channel Reiki healing at distance for you and then use a crystal grid to send crystal healing to you. During this time you should be somewhere where you can relax without being disturbed – I recommend that you light some candles and play soft music. I will then end the session and contact you again by Skype to carry out the grounding work and we can have a chat together about how it went.

I am also finalising work on a download which you can use during the Reiki and crystal healing part of the distance session which will help you remain focused and aware of what is going on.

More details about the distance work will be made available very soon and if you would like to be kept informed about it then please leave me your email address in the comments box, email me at or pm me via Facebook.

Do you have questions?

I’d love to hear from you and connect with you. Please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch via social media.

I wish you love, light and blessings.