Yule is upon us!

Merry Meet! It is almost Yule for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. I don’t know about you but I have certainly noticed the really dark mornings over the last couple of days. Even though it is not the solstice until the early hours of Tuesday morning for us in the UK it has noticeably darkened over the last few days.

It can be a time when the darkness is hard to deal with and many people do suffer from the lack of daylight at this time. I try to see it as a nurturing blanket, enveloping me, making me sit back and take stock of the year so far and being thankful for all the lessons I have learned this year.

It’s difficult to slow down due to the hectic Christmas period being so close but it is vitally important that you do! Nature is in her deepest slumber from now until Spring at Imbolc when we will see the first stirrings of new life. We should take the hint from Nature. We should be resting, keeping warm, putting plans in place for the coming year and being with our loved ones.

Yule is a time for celebration. We celebrate the return of the sun as from solstice each day will get progressively longer and the sun stronger. It is a time to feast and make merry. Bring in your evergreens and decorate your houses. Light your fire from a Yule log and keep it burning to welcome back the light.

The Wheel of the Year turns, and it sometimes seems to be speeding along at a ridiculous rate! Use this time to slow down and celebrate all you have achieved this year. Write down your plans and visions for 2016. Be thankful that the sun is on its way back to us and we have the longer days of Spring and Summer to look forward to.

May I wish you all a very blessed Yuletide. May you have peace in your hearts and food in your bellies. Remember to let your light shine brightly and be a beacon of love and joy to all who cross your path.

Blessed Be.

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